Our components perform in the harshest environments for extended periods of time. Through careful material selection and weld preparation we can fabricate with abrasive resistance materials to create a very strong and long lasting piece of equipment.



With a requirement to perform in harsh environments, our fabrication and welding comes under serious testing in the field.

Our skilled engineers create structures that can cope with these extreme requirements to keep our customer operations performing at their best.

With full Non Destructive Testing of the difficult and complex welding necessary, our customers can be sure of a robust piece of equipment that will deliver the performance required.

Hoppers and other equipment

We manufacture fabricated pre-production prototypes and bespoke design products, inclusive of full Certification Packs, to suit this demanding market on an international basis.

Products that we regularly supply for mining and quarrying applications include hoppers, crusher boxes, bespoke fabrications, undercarriage prototypes, crushers and screens.

Some of the projects we have worked on include mobile plants and specialist designs to suit particular applications.

Latest projects