We have built a reputation over the last 40 years for building high quality rotary dryers to suit a diverse range of applications.

Our rotary dryers are used by our clients to dry materials on an industrial scale. The applications range from asphalt production to fertiliser granules. Each of our dryers are tunes to the exact application requirements to maximise the drying efficiency.

Whether our customers need a new build or replacement dryer, we are able to utilise our highly skilled team to deliver a tailored solution that meets customer needs exactly.


Feed box and hoppers

We are well placed to offer solutions from individual components to full plant solutions.

From your outline sketch, or existing equipment, we will create a complete build of the feeding system and any hopper systems as necessary to suit the needs of our customer.

Discharge and ancillary equipment

At the discharge end we produce suitable structures to deal with the material passing through the drier.

All structures we create will go through our rigorous quality assurance program before onward delivery and installation as required.

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