Recycling & Renewable Power

We are pleased to be associated with all of our customers who are working in the Recycling and Renewable Power sector since we see this as part of our contribution to reducing our carbon footprint.

The global importance of protecting the environment through energy saving and renewable power is a key theme for us. Through our skilled engineers we are able to offer innovative improvements to existing equipment that allows performance increases to the equipment being used.



We support a number of customers involved in the recycling field and have provided solutions to some complex problems.

Our support ranges from the construction of trommels and associated feeders to the full build of rotary furnaces for recycling aluminium materials.

Renewable Power

With the global increase in climate change there are a number of projects that we have worked on that directly relate to alternative forms of power generation.

Projects involving wind power are significant and this ranges from our close work on wind turbine structures so some less well known forms of wind power harnessing.

Latest projects