Fabrication & Welding

Our team have been fabricating in our workshop for over 50 years. The experience and knowledge gained over these years in today’s fast-paced business world.

We have four large fabrication cells serviced with cranes up to 35 tonne capacity an a clearance height of 7m.


With over 40,000 sq ft in our four large fabrication cells we are able to cope with some very large and demanding structures.

Familiar with the logistics associated with these sizes we can deal with road services to ensure all large fabrications reach the customer as expected.

Our Fabricators & Welders are all qualified to ASME standards (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) whilst working with TIG, MIG and submerged arc welding processes.

Once work is completed to drawing weld maps then weld inspection, complete with full traceability of materials, is carried out to approved EN287 and EN288 standards.

As required these welding maps and qualification documents can all be included in documents can all be included in our quality packs that accompany our products if requires.

Latest projects